Dreamer…wide awake and deeply asleep. Some I share and others I hold closely secret. Like making a wish when you blow out the candles on a birthday cake – afraid telling will demolish any chance of manifestation. I am a nurse by profession but also by heart and soul. I am a writer who aspires to inspire, inform, and entertain. A photographer who wants to share a child’s view of the world and all its breathtaking simplicity and complexity. I garden for beautiful flowers, delicious organic vegetables, communion, meditation, and therapy. I believe dogs are better than most people. I am really NOT very fond of large crowds. Water (oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, streams, you get the picture) fascinates, excites, soothes and terrifies me. I love to snuggle and kiss babies and hug and listen to old people.  My sense of humor ranges from silly to sophomoric to somewhat black.  I believe we all need to take ourselves less seriously and laugh and love more.


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